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I'm a regular contributor to Django and a member of the Triage and Review Team.

I'm a maintainer of django-crispy-forms.

I gave a talk at DjangoCon Europe 2023 in Edinburgh. The talk was titled "Good form: How Django’s form rendering improved during the 4.x series" and you can watch a recording of the talk on YouTube.

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24 February 2024

In community-led organizations, I believe that for long-term sustainability, we need to do more to encourage younger folks to become involved and take on leadership positions. Younger individuals won’t break a community, but not encouraging them may well do so.

A story:

As a young person, I was a member …

20 November 2023

Django's issue tracker

Django's issue tracker is hosted at code.djangoproject.com. This contains the entire history of ticket's opened for Django. At time of writing this is some 18 years ago! This is a valuable resource when working on Django as you are able to research previous decisions.

From the …

18 November 2023

I tooted a little while back about how using django-crispy-forms and it's Layout class could ease writing forms. It showed how a minimal Layout could result in a nice looking form with some complex layouts such as two input boxes on the same row.

Here's the content of that toot. …